Head over around 10 to grab a cup of joe and meet some new friends

Nursery available for age 4 and under starting at 10:15



What to expect:
A relaxed environment, friendly people, and the smell of iron 🏋️‍♂️.
We meet inside BONA Fitness.

We meet at BONA Fitness (a fantastic local gym) so feel free to wear your casual clothes or workout gear.
We usually wear T-shirt and shorts. 

Come at 10 for coffee and to meet some new friends. 
We start at 10:30 and usually end by 11:45. 

We have a nursery available for children 4 and under with activities and safe (background checked and experienced) adults. Want to keep your kids with you? No problem, we have coloring activities as well as guided note taking pages for the older ones.

You don’t have to be sure about what you believe to come visit on a Sunday. It’s totally expected that you don’t have life all figured out, and that’s ok!
We will explain as we go and if you hang around right afterwards we can make some lunch plans. Nathan and others will be around for you to ask questions about what you just experienced, about Haven, or any plan some time to hang out during the week.